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Sister Mary Trinita moved from an administrative job at St. Dominic Hospital to ministry at St. Dominic Community Health Clinic because she longed to work directly with community members in need. She says she loves watching as lives are transformed. “Every day can be a surprise, but what has surprised me most was that I was able to do things I thought were impossible,” she said. “We have witnessed changes in many lives, habits altered, and addictions overcome. Many of our clients are getting jobs and finding a place to live on their own.”

She recalled an encounter she had during an annual Christmas party at the clinic: As staff and visitors enjoyed the gathering, a stranger sat quietly to the side. Sr. Trinita noticed him getting ready to leave and approached him with a party gift. “While giving him a Christmas bag filled with goodies, gifts, and food coupons, I placed my other hand gently on his forearm,” she remembered. “The man looked with loving eyes at my hand on his arm, broke into a very slight smile in one corner of his mouth, looked back into my eyes, and said, ‘Thank you for touching me.'”

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St. Dominic Health Services

St. Dominic’s is much more than a hospital.  Our outreach programs and services extend our ministry beyond our walls and into the community so that specific needs can be addressed.  St. Dominic Health Services and all its subsidiaries are guided by one mission that calls us to communicate a Christian message, establish community and perform service in the name of Jesus Christ.  To us that means giving our time, talents and resources to make our communities better places to live. Our family of caregivers not only serves the needs of patients but actively establishes relationships to meet people where they are to improve the quality of their lives.

One way that St. Dominic’s reaches beyond its hospital walls and into the community is through its Care-A-Van outreach program.  With health prevention as its focus, this 42-foot mobile screening bus travels throughout Central Mississippi conducting both screenings and education programs for school-age children and the elderly.

In segments of the community where there is an identified need, the Care-A-Van targets both city and county public and parochial schools plus Boys and Girls Clubs conducting basic health screenings. The majority of the children screened come from families who don’t have access, or do not utilize available preventive health care resources. A typical screening for these groups includes checks for vision and hearing problems, appropriate height and weight, blood pressure and scoliosis. When potential health problems are found, both the school and parents are notified so that appropriate referrals and proper treatment can be given.

Although numerous referrals are made each year for follow-up care, none are nearly as serious as one in 2004, where a simple Care-A-Van screening on a four-year-old revealed an unusually high blood pressure.  He was immediately referred to his pediatrician who, along with specialists, discovered a rare aortic defect.  Left undetected, this condition could have led to more serious heart problems.

As part of its mission to assist the elderly, the Care-A-Van provides blood pressure checks at nine senior adult community centers each month and another screening or an educational program is provided at each center monthly. In addition, the Care-A-Van serves annually as a first aid station at the Mississippi Senior Olympics, at a large local flea market, faith-based community health fairs and other community events where large numbers of people are present.

Each year the Care-A-Van program records over 12,000 direct contacts with children and senior adults at risk for health problems.  These contacts represent over 2,000 hours of service from the Care-A-Van staff and volunteers.

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In the mid-1990s, St. Dominic’s recognized the need to provide healthcare services for the homeless and working poor of Jackson’s inner city. Through close ties with Stewpot Community Services and the Central Urban Ministry Center, St. Dominic’s Community Clinic was established to serve those who cannot afford basic medical care.

In addition to providing primary health services, the clinic’s purpose is also to lead members of the community to make healthier lifestyle choices and to promote efforts to restore a spirit of volunteerism to the area. It is staffed by a consultative family practice physician, a full-time family nurse practitioner, a medical assistant, counselor, security and volunteer nurses and physicians.

Patients to St. Dominic’s Community Health Clinic are welcomed with no appointment necessary. Primary health care services include routine checkups, treatment of acute illnesses, sports or employment physicals, eye exams by an opthalmologist, limited chronic care, nutrition counseling, waived lab testing, scheduling of lab, x-ray or other diagnostic services or referrals for specialty care and social services, plus assistance with prescriptions, supplies and equipment.

In addition to primary health care services, the clinic provides a variety of educational programs for children, adolescents and adults in an effort to promote disease prevention and safety among this segment of the population.

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Realizing that our population is an aging one, St. Dominic’s created a wellness program to meet the unique needs of mature adults. Built on the premises that social interaction, enrichment opportunities and wellness education help promote healthy, active lifestyles among seniors, New Directions for Over 55 brings all these and numerous benefits together in a membership-based program.

Members in New Directions receive:

  • Lifetime membership
  • Frequent health screening within the community
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Exciting trips and events
  • Well & Aware lectures
  • Enrichment opportunites including driver safety, basic computer and ballroom dance classes
  • Special savings, benefits and privileges at St. Dominic’s and within the community.

Call or email New Directions now to have a membership application sent to you.

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Mailing Address:
New Directions for Over 55
969 Lakeland Drive
Jackson, MS 39216

St. Dominic’s East Medical Tower – Suite 500
Phone: (601)200-6698
Email: [email protected]

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In the early 1980s, St. Dominic’s began offering the general public and the corporate community a resource that focused on health prevention and total wellness.  Today The Club at St. Dominic’s sets the bar in the Jackson area as a leading fitness and wellness facility for individuals and families, St. Dominic employees and local businesses wanting to improve the health of their workforce.

Not your typical health club, The Club at St. Dominic’s is a medically-based facility geared toward helping you reach and maintain an optimal level of health through safe exercise and strength training.  An exceptional aquatic exercise program, state-of-the-art equipment and an array of fun and exciting classes-not to mention a personable, qualified staff-make The Club at St. Dominic’s the ultimate choice for fitness and overall well-being.

As part of St. Dominic’s continuum of care, patients from our Outpatient Rehab and Cardiopulmonary Rehab programs can make a seamless transition from their prescribed exercise regimens to The Club at St. Dominic’s for continued lifestyle changes and health benefits.

When you join The Club at St. Dominic’s, you’ll receive a comprehensive wellness assessment that includes muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, pulmonary function test and a fasting blood analysis.  Periodic reassessments are available to help you track your health progress.

Your membership in The Club at St. Dominic’s gives you access to:

  • Toning & Strength Classes
  • Yoga & Pilates
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Personal Training
  • Massage Therapy
  • Water Aerobics
  • Pre/Post Natal Fitness
  • Sauna & Steam Rooms
  • Heated Indoor Pool
  • Indoor Track/Outdoor Walking Trail
  • Latest Cardio & Strength Training Equipment
  • Degreed & Certified Staff
  • Monitored Transition from St. Dominic’s Rehab Programs

The Club at St. Dominic’s is conveniently located on the 2nd Floor of Dominican Plaza on St. Dominic’s North Campus.  Convenient, covered parking is available in the North Parking Deck just off Lakeland Drive.

The Club at St. Dominic’s Hours:

  • Monday – Thursday  5:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Friday:    5:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Saturday:  7 a.m. –5 p.m.
  • Sunday:   1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

For more information about membership in The Club at St. Dominic’s or to schedule a tour, call (601) 200-4925.

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