St. Dominic’s Level One Heart Attack Program

In 2007, The Mississippi Heart and Vascular Institute implemented the Level One Heart Attack Program to reduce the time of arrival at the hospital to treatment – commonly known as “Door to Balloon Time”. If your patient is experiencing a life threatening heart attack – then heart muscle is at risk.

At St. Dominic’s, the patient’s EKGs can be transmitted to the Emergency Department for a rapid physician interpretation. If ST Elevation is apparent, the Cath Lab team is alerted, along with the on-call interventional cardiologist. By the time the patient arrives the team is ready and waiting. For more information regarding St. Dominic’s Level One Heart Attack Program, email: [email protected].

St Dominic's Level 1 Heart Attack Protocol

To alert the Level 1 Heart Attack team, call 601-200-2111.

The industry standard set by CMS for a patient having a life threatening heart attack to enter an emergency room and receive treatment is 90 minutes. St. Dominic’s continuously treats patients in less time, with excellent physicians, and better post operative care.

Our heart patients can expect the best technology in a positive atmosphere of hope that is focused on positive outcomes. Our physicians are there to meet expectations with an attitude of service and compassion.

Thank you for partnering with the St. Dominic team!