Therapy Pool

Aquatic Rehabilitation

Aquatic Rehabilitation at St. Dominic’s Outpatient Rehab is managed by an Aquatic Therapy specialist and provides effective treatment of movement related dysfunction by experienced physical therapists and occupational therapists on an individualized one-on-one basis.

Because the shallow and deep water in our 92 degree therapy pool provides warmth, unweighting and gentle compression to the body, Aquatic Therapy is an ideal form of treatment for many individuals with:

  • Joint pain (shoulder, back and legs)
  • chronic pain and fatigue
  • balance impairments
  • edema
  • limited ability to bear weight
  • need for early rehab to return to competitive sport

Additionally, some pediatric patients have been found to progress quicker with the introduction of aquatic therapy because of the play environment and full 360 access by the therapist to inhibit abnormal muscle tone and facilitate weak movement patterns.

Eva Laughter PT, DPT
Certificate in Aquatic Physical Therapy Clinical Competency 2017
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine 2015