Lymphedema/Oncology Rehabilitation

Lymphedema/Oncology Rehabilitation

Lymphedema is excessive swelling of a body part caused by the abnormal accumulation of lymph fluid.  It usually occurs in the arm or leg but can sometimes affect the face, neck or abdomen as a result of trauma, cancer treatment, venous insufficiency or unknown factors.   Our Certified Lymphedema therapists provide Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) that has been proven successful in removing excessive lymph fluid from the body.  It consists of manual lymph drainage (gentle massage that moves fluid toward functioning lymph nodes) compression bandaging (maintain gains), skin care (treat or reduce chance of wounds), exercise (increase rate of fluid movement) and patient education in self-management.

Oncology Rehabilitation helps individuals lead more productive and independent lives after a cancer diagnosis. Many times the disease process leaves the patient with pain, as well as, loss of strength, endurance, range of motion and the ability to complete daily tasks.    Our therapists offer a variety of one on one treatment interventions to restore function and improve quality of life, such as:

  • Myofascial release—gentle hands-on stretching to relieve pain and minimize scarring
  • Aquatic Therapy—graduated exercise program in a therapeutic pool
  • Generalized conditioning and therapeutic exercise
  • Balance re-training
  • Training in energy conservation
  • Techniques to allow independent activities of daily living
  • Modalities to Address Pain
  • Cognitive Retraining

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  • Endurance Programs
  • Pain Management
  • Myofascial Release
  • Range of Motion Improvement
  • Activities of Daily Living Strategies

Lymphedema Therapy

  • Manual Edema Mobilization for Swollen Limbs
  • Pressure Garment Measurement
  • Compression Bandaging
  • Aquatics

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Kimberly Yates OTR/L, CLT
Senior Therapist
University of Mississippi Medical Center 1994

Dellwyn Greene OTR/L, CLT
Senior Therapist
Tuskegee University 2005

Anna Dawson OT/L, CLT
Senior Therapist
Texas Women’s University 1993

Amy Bailey PT, MPT, ATC, CLT
Clinical Coordinator
Western Carolina University 2003

Lymphedema Oncology Map


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